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Posted from my short piece series of ficlets over on AFF and hoping to bring back this comm (I got doujinshi later too so =3)

Title: Dominance
Pairing: Sadi-Chan x Domino
Rating: 18 (Porn fic)
Notes: These two were made for porn. And each other. SadistxDominatrix Nuff said.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnn!” Sadi-Chan purred as she paced around the uniform-less woman, her pink tongue flicked across her lips. “What to do with you this time?” she wondered, trailing her fingernails very lightly and gently along her thighs, belly and breasts. Domino squirmed and gasped in pleasure as Sadi-Chan told her to place her hands on top of her head.

Sadi-Chan placed restraints on Domino’s wrists and locked them together. She fastened Domino’s wrists to an overhead chain and pulled her to a standing position with her arms over her head. Domino was shaking and trembling, but not with fright, but with passion and desire. Sadi-Chan produced a Y chain with clamps on the end. She clamped each of Domino’s cuntlips and held the third end of the Y chain as a leash before relishing in the woman’s cries of pain.

The overhead pain was fixed to a rail on the ceiling of the staircase. Sadi-Chan lifted Domino a few inches off the ground to hang freely from the overhead chain. Grasping the chain leash firmly, Sadi-Chan pulled Domino by her cunt-lips along the chain rail to the steps leading upwards. Domino’s screams were like music to Sadi-Chan’s ears as she pulled her up the steps.

“It…it hurts.” Domino complained, trying not to cry out again as Sadi-Chan simply responded by a long slow lick against the side of her face culminating by the woman’s teeth sinking into the blonde’s ear. Domino’s eyes widened behind her sunglasses as she saw another of those horrid Y chains, only worse because of the alligator clips. Sadi-Chan placed the Y chain around the blonde’s neck so that the top ends of the Y lay on top of each breast and the long end hung down touching the lower part of her ass.

“What else can I do to you…hmmm?” she purred before moving down to take Domino’s nipple into her mouth. Sadi-Chan began to suck them in and out, in rhythm with Domino’s moans of delight. Sadi-Chan let one nipple fall from her lips to hold the other between her teeth and painfully pulled it out as far as it would go. Domino’s moans of delight quickly became cries of pain as the Sadist placed an open alligator clip over her nipple and clamped it. Domino screamed as the metal teeth of the clip dug into her nipple flesh.

“Mmmm I do love it when you scream.” Sadi-Chan moaned deeply, her body shuddering for a small moment
“Sadi-Chan! It hurts so much! Take it off…please…I’ll report you!” Domino whimpered. Sadi-Chan, ignoring the bound girl’s pleas, took the other nipple in her teeth, pulled it out and up, pushing the bottom of Domino’s breast to lift it high enough to reach the clip. Domino cried out as she watched Sadi-Chan clamp the other nipple. Sadi-Chan removed her hand from Domino’s breast to allow the chain around her neck lift up both of her breasts by the nipples, stretching them cruelly.

“Mmmmm now the weight of your tits and gravity will provide you with enduring pleasure through out your session as I play with your body.” There was a long deep moan as Sadi-Chan’s tongue flicked over her lips. “Or should I say My body?” a wicked smile leapt across the Sadist’s face before she moved in, her tongue licking against Domino’s ruby red lips before meeting with the blonde’s tongue.
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